Daenerys Targaryen
mother of dragons

I just watched Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts season 2 episode 12 and it was so hilarious!

I loved their avatars, especially Minami’s OMG LOL! She totes wishes she had Himeji’s ;)

Hideyoshi got to be a sexy cat girl while his sister was just a cat! XD

Not surprising he screamed after that confession! XD

The haunted house thing is a funny idea!

I can’t believe there’s only one episode left though and it’s a continuation of this! But there were hardly any summoner test wars this season! wtf.

I love this show but as funny as season 2 is, I think maybe season 1 was better.

Anyways I’ll have to wait to see how it ends! <3

Awww, so cute! :3

I watched the first episode of season 7 of Burn Notice last night and it was really awesome! <3

I can’t believe it’s the final season though! I’m gonna miss it :(

That guy went and got the info about Michael from Maddie, they should’ve known she’d give up the goods. You’d think she’d be smarter by now and have learned not to tell people stuff about Michael.

Michael of course started off in an underground fight club ala Ryan in the first episode of season 4 of The OC which I said right when they showed it lol.

Now he’s working for HRG from Heroes to bring down Nathan Petrelli who in this is some terrorist, so weird! lol.

I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season and see how it all ends! <3

Jeffrey Donovan <3

I watched the 2014 MTV Movie Awards today and they were awesome!

Mark Wahlberg got a Generation Award and gave like the best speech ever and it also contained a lot of F-bombs that were even censored for some reason on the repeat I’d recorded at midnight last night.

Vince, Drama and Turtle from Entourage gave  him the award! I got excited because for a minute I thought maybe they’d sneak in a clip of the movie but they didn’t :( WHERE THE FUCK WAS E!

Mark Wahlberg was hot and even my dad said “he’s got some muscles on him” lol, indeed he does.

It was really funny and I enjoyed it all except I didn’t really like any musical performances I don’t think.

I liked the 50 star cameos at the start lol. Especially the bits with Taylor Swift, they were hilarious and Andy Samberg <3

Conan O’Brien was very funny but he still scares me, the man just doesn’t look real, he’s got a like doll like quality about his face and dolls scare the crap outta me.

They did a nice tribute to Paul Walker to, I really liked that. It made me cry.

Seth MacFarlane was there! SEXY! I wanna see Ted magically turn in to him in the next movie so he can be with sexy Marky Mark together! That’d be so hot <3 *fans self*

I don’t even think I’d seen any movies in this years lol.  

Zac Efron was shirtless too and won for best shirtless in a movie I haven’t seen but it was still hot <3

I liked what Jonah Hill said about Channing Tatum getting the Trailblazer award lol. That was hilarious and all the clips! <3

Chris Pratt was funny too and hot <3

Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane <3

Zac Efron and Channing Tatum <3

I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier this afternoon and it was really awesome! 

Again like last time, I didn’t realise it would be finishing at my local cinema this week, only this time I didn’t see it on the last night but the second from last afternoon. It hasn’t even been out that long over here.

I absolutely loved this whole movie.It had some of the most amazingly choreographed and fast paced fight scenes I’ve ever seen in any movie with an intriguing plot to boot.

Chris Evans was brilliant as Steve Rogers/Captain America again and also gorgeous as usual, I couldn’t take my eyes off him when he was on the screen <3

Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier - the man with the mechanical arm and near death much like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (had to mention it since I’m watching that too now lol) and he didn’t even recognise his old friend Steve Rogers at first but then had a quick flashback and ended up dragging him to shore in the end to save him. I knew he would. Apparently I missed a second post credits sequence with him in where he went to the Smithsonian. 

I didn’t even realise he was the one who played the Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time! lol. Sebastian Stan was amazing as The Winter Soldier, although I didn’t like him going after Cap. 

I saw you there Stan Lee! I liked his scene lol. I apparently missed seeing Joss Whedon though D:

I missed the Peggy Carter scene because I had to pee, did anything interesting happen there or the next minute or so? I think I missed them first show Robert Redford too, hmph. I thought she’d probably be in it again.

There was a huge conspiracy and Robert Redford’s character Alexander Pierce was the baddie! I never expected that! D: I knew he was in it and I was so excited about him being in it because I love Robert Redford but I was shocked by this revelation and that Hydra had infiltrated and been causing global chaos through SHIELD in hopes the world would surrender their freedom in exchange for security. They wanted to cleanse the world or whatever which reminded me of another anime I’d recently watched - Gilgamesh. 

I did not see that twist coming at all though! Then Pierce got killed! Awww, he was evil but he was Robert Redford - he was amazing in this, more amazing because he was so good I didn’t expect him to turn out to be bad lol. I was totally conflicted about his death, but ultimately the character deserved it.

Samuel L Jackson, I knew they wouldn’t kill off Nick Fury, I thought it was just faked to get those people off his back, although I don’t really get with all those problems he had how he could walk or talk/breathe easily. They said something about his spine, didn’t they? And a collapsed lung. I watch a lot of medical shows and doubt he’d be walking around and stuff that soon lol.

I liked Scarlett Johansson more in this one, she was quite funny in it although so was Steve Rogers. I liked the addition of Anthony Mackie too, he was also quite amusing at times. 

Emily VanCamp from Revenge and Everwood was in it too! She wasn’t in it much though. I didn’t guess that she was a SHIELD agent either, Cobie Smulders was back for a bit too. Robin Sherbatsky! lol. Imagine her with Canadian Robin aka Robin Sparkles voice in this LOL! 

I liked the reference to WarGames as well when computer Hydra guy whatshisface came up lol. I love that movie! I still need to see the sequel just for the Matt Lanter from 90210 factor lol.

I can’t wait for the next Captain America solo outing! I’m excited for the next Avengers too but last time the Cap wasn’t in it much which was sure a shame because he’s my favourite of all of them. 

J’adore Captain America <3 He’s one of, if not my all time favourite superhero! He’s amazing! <3

I even wore a Captain America tee shirt that I hadn’t even worn before! First outing! So obviously not the same one I wore last time which I may have also worn to The Avengers. I think I have at least 3 and a couple that have him and other Marvel characters on.

Chris Evans <3

I just watched Baka and Test; Summon the Beasts season 2 episode 11 and it was a really sweet episode!

All about young Yuuji who was actually super smart and his friendship with Shouko and how he ended up saving her from people who were bullying him and started on her. I liked her saving him when it started off with her trying to save his stuff,

I liked how Shouko told Yuuji’s mother that she was going to marry him some day, awww <3

Awww, I can’t believe Yuuji was the only real friend she had, bless.

That was one of the sweetest episodes of anything ever!

I can’t wait to watch the next one! I can’t believe there’s only 2 left! D:

Yuuji x Shouko <3

I also watched some awesome episodes of Death Note, Digimon Fusion and Fullmetal Alchemist today, I don’t think I’ve ever watched so much anime in one day before!

So they finally killed off King Joffrey in season 4 episode 2 of Game of Thrones “The Lion and the Rose” - it was a long time coming with the way he acted but I didn’t see it happening at the end of this episode! I was shocked that he died so suddenly from being poisoned in it at his wedding.

My dad said when he was ill treating Tyrion “I hope someone kills him soon” then he just dropped dead! lol.Psychic! Apparently there were spoilers online and I didn’t see them, thank goodness! It would’ve spoiled the episode for me!

I thought maybe Sansa was going to kill him for the way he kept treating Tyrion because even though she obviously doesn’t like being married to him at the same time she’s too nice to want to see anyone treated like that.

I don’t think it was Tyrion, he looked as shocked as anyone else. I hope they don’t lock him up after accusing him.

I hated Joffrey most of the time but he had his occasional funny moments that made me laugh.

Farewell King Joffrey! 

I finally watched Bye Bye Birdie today which I only wanted to see for Dick Van Dyke because I love him in everything, I wish I could get a time machine and go back to the 60’s and marry him lol.

I have to say I thought the movie was going to be a lot more about Birdie than it was, the guy was barely in it, he was talked about more than actually seen and mostly he was kinda a jerk and I pretty much hated all his songs.

This was a musical where I liked about half of the songs, I of course being a huge fan adored every song sung by Dick Van Dyke, he had all the best songs and I know it was kinda mostly about his character anyway but Birdie just shouldn’t have even been in it. Al should have gotten a lot more songs because Birdie sucked and wasn’t even that good looking. I know it was based on Elvis and that guy was no Elvis - I actually love Elvis. 

Janet Leigh an Ann Margret were also really great in this. 

If I ever watched it again I’d just skip to all the Dick Van Dyke scenes that’s for sure because he was so great in it! It was so cute when he was feeding the pigeon but then Rosie nearly knocked Al out the window trying to “save him from committing suicide” which of course he wasn’t but he would never do that because he isn’t a coward he said.

I remember when Mad Men recreated the scene from the beginning and that was one of the few other songs I liked.

I thought it was! The one who played Kim’s father was in Bewitched! Knew it! I loved that show <3

Dick Van Dyke <3

I finally watched episode 12 of Free! today aka the season one finale and it was a truly amazing episode that made me cry! It was so beautiful!

In the end after Haru and Rin had a fight that turned physical briefly because all Rin ever wanted was to be on a team with Haru again they somehow got Rin to swim on their team in place of Rei.

But then after placing first they got disqualified I think it was because of the fact that Rin was from a different school which I thought would happen which is a real shame because they did so well.

From the end credits it almost looked like Rin was going to transfer schools but then they mentioned they were just doing joint practice so I don’t know. I think he should transfer and be with them because he obviously missed them terribly.

It was a beautiful series about friendship and it really surprised me how much I got into it! 

I can’t wait for the second season to start and this time I will watch it when it first airs like I was going to with the first originally.

Haru and Rin <3

I also watched episodes 6 and 7 of Fullmetal Alchemist, they passed the exam! Yay! I can’t believe that guy turned his wife and child into talking chimera though! OMG D:

I watched Lost Girl season 4 episode 11 “End of the Line” and it was so devastating!

Sexy Vex was back again <3

Linda Hamilton was back too. 

Kenzi’s family also came in to it, it was a lot about family actually.

Kenzi’s family were invited because Hale invited them so they could see him ask her hand in marriage which she said yes to in the end! She loved him so much!

But then in the end Hale got shot and killed by Massimo and then when Bo found then Kenzi asked if she could bring him back to life like they did with Dyson but there isn’t enough chi in the room to do so he remains dead just when he was about to start his life with Kenzi which is what makes it all the more sadder.

When Kenzi cried it made me cry too because they were finally just about to have the life together they deserved and it was taken away before it even started.

I was so shocked because I never expected them to kill him off, it wasn’t led up to from the start of the episode or anything it just suddenly happened out of nowhere.

I’m going to miss Hale and his relationship with Kenzi. 

That was a sad ending to the episode :(

I already have the last two episodes of the season recorded because I’m behind on everything! I’ll try and watch them this week!

Paul Amos <3