I watched the season 3 finale aka last ever episode of Suburgatory today and it was really good and funny!

Lisa and Malik were funny, thinking they had to share everything lol.

Ryan was there but only at the end and not at game night even though his girlfriend was … I found that odd.

Almost as odd as Tessa joining a sewing circle thing.

Then she went out and got Ryan back and they started to strip whilst kissing in the street lol. Save it for the bedroom, yo.

Didn’t look like George and Dallas were gonna get back together.

Not much Dalia :(

I’m gonna miss this show, it was pretty funny.

I watched the movie Sanctum today which I only recorded off Film4 HD last night for Ioan Gruffudd … although I do think I remember hearing about it at the time a bit but don’t remember anyone saying he was in it! 

So that’s mainly why I watched it but also because it sounded interesting, obviously I didn’t get to see it in 3D though but I found it quite an enjoyable movie.

Even if I had no clue what Ioan Gruffudd’s accent in it was meant to be, was it meant to be American? Australian? All the others seemed to be Aussie. 

Apparently it was based on a true story although in real life no one died but in this all but one person died, the only survivor was the pretty boy which seems kinda unbelievable lol.

Ioan Gruffudd was awesome in it! I can’t believe the boy tried to kill him after he tried to killed his dad, I mean considering his dad was going to leave him behind or said he would before deciding he’d go back for him you can’t blame him really, although he had left them before so. Then he got back up out the water and I was like “he’s alive!” after being all like “boy if you kill Ioan Gruffudd then I’ll kill you” lol. But then after going off on his own again with no tank his character died! D:

That was sad! I was like “he better not drown!” and he did.

I hated his girlfriend in it! First she won’t wear the dead womans wetsuit and nearly dies and then she cuts her hair off the thing which was disgustingly tearing her scalp off and dies, but technically she only fell because he shone a torch in her eye so he kinda killed his own girlfriend … that’s stupid xD

Everyone was pretty good in it although some were better than others … 

Ioan Gruffudd <3

I’d watch anything with him in <3

I watched episode 15 of Attack on Titan today and it was really good.

I can’t believe they had to clean that huge castle lol!

I can’t believe crazy science girl kept poor Eren up all night telling of her experiments on the Titans! The poor kid looked so tired the next day.

Then they  found those Titans she was using had been killed and just giant bones were left.

Levi and Eren <3

I can’t wait to watch the next one!

I watched the first episode of Hawaii Five-0 season 5 last night and the first episode of season 6 of NCIS: Los Angeles today and they were both awesome!

Why is it always so hard to find posters for each new season of these shows though?! :/

Hello me … I love that there’s two Stuart Townsend’s in XIII! Well, he’s playing XIII and the imposter, it’s so ridiculously hot <3

I watched the episode of The Mindy Project with Max Greenfield aka Schmidt from New Girl in and it was awesome!

I was so surprised to see him in it! 

Max Greenfield <3

I also saw Penny from Happy Endings aka Casey Wilson in The Middle which was also unexpected and funny and most unexpected of all was Jesse from Burn Notice aka Coby Bell in Hot in Cleveland LOL!

OMG Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt’s breakdance conversation was so hilarious! LOL! <3

Brad Pitt <3

Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am doing this song is hilarious! I’ve had it in my head all week!

Awesome that it’s #26 on the Billboard chart LOL! 

I watched the first episode of season 2 of Maron last night and it was pretty funny.

Sarah Silverman made me laugh what she said about the cats eating his eyes then pooping them out and nourishing the Earth lol! 

She has a sick sense of humour and I love it! 

I liked when he was on The Talking Dead that was really funny! They’ve never shown that over here though after The Walking Dead :/

I can’t wait to see the rest of the season!

I didn’t expect them to start showing it straight after season 1! 

I finally watched Argo today and it was really good although I think they showed all the exciting clips when they showed bits when people from it were on TV shows when it came out and in the trailer.

It was really well done though, Ben Affleck directed it really well. He’s so good at directing!

He was also really great in it and the beard actually quite suited him, I liked him with it, it made him even hotter <3

Everyone was in it! D:

John Goodman, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, Chris Messina, Tate Donovan, Clea DuVall, Rory Cochrane (Speed! from CSI: Miami lol), Kyle Chandler. Zeljko Ivanek, Titus Welliver (and not putting on an Irish accent! lol) and a few others I recognised!

I loved Tate Donovan in it, he looked awesome with his hair like that! Even hotter than normal! <3

I thought Kyle Chandler was meant to be in it more, awww.

I had no idea Chris Messina was in it! I wish he was in it more too! <3

Everyone was so great in it and it was a really good story!

Ben Affleck; Tate Donovan; Kyle Chandler and Chris Messina <3