Sakura Trick.
haruka x yuu.

Episode 5 of Sakura Trick was awesome! Loving this anime <3

Awww Mitsuki really wanted to kiss Haruka though, I kinda wanted to see what her reaction would be like if that’d happened. I bet Haruka would’ve liked it to since she’s so much like Yuu ;)

Yuu and Haruka kissing under the hoodie in class! I can’t believe they did it there, so cute and dangerous! I liked it.

The end fanservice scene made me laugh! LOL!

I did not make that gif, it was on imgur. Credit to whoever did ;)


I watched the first 3 episodes of Star-Crossed today and it was really awesome! I loved it! <3

I knew I’d love it from the trailer alone! lol. Not only that but I wanted to watch it for the gorgeous Matt Lanter from 90210 I loved him as Liam Court <333333

Matt Lanter was amazing as Atrian teen Roman, sexy name too. I like the story of the 7 Atrian teens being integrated into a normal high school.

Plus Emery’s father killed Roman’s father and they’ve sorta almost got this forbidden love thing going on already, especially since she was the little girl who helped him out on arrival day. They’re the Trags who are like some bad Atrian’s who think they should start a war against the humans for how they’ve been treated and they want to kill Emery and her family for killing Roman’s dad. Plus there are the Red Hawks who are humans who want rid of the Atrian’s and Grayson appears to be one of them or helping them out because his parents are part of it.

The cyper really is a miracle drug which at first Roman dismissed, but it has to be infused with their blood to work and he healed Julia’s cancer with it but then there were side effects and he nearly got killed trying to get another plant from another Atrian tribe. 

Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights (also did a couple episodes of 90210) was also in it and she was really great. Her character Emery was supposed to have been in hospital for four years too with some kind of immune deficiency I think she said which is where she met Julia.

Grey Damon who was also in Friday Night Lights and The Secret Circle is also in it and looking hot too <3 It says the first thing he was ever in was 90210 as well as a waiter lol. Awww.

Malese Jow from The Vampire Diaries is in it too as Julia and she’s really good. 

Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse was in a couple of the episodes but then got killed with that weird cube thing off the ship which they put the healing plant in D:

It’s a really great story and I already hope it gets picked up for more seasons!

It’s like a blend of Romeo and Juliet meets The Vampire Diaries and Roswell.

It has an amazing cast and amazing potential alongside some great scriptwriters. I was on the edge of my seat all the way through each episode and did not expect half that stuff to happen.

I would’ve started watching it when it originally started a few weeks back but I thought my dad might want to watch it because he liked Matt Lanter in 90210 and we watch other teen shows but then he just said to just watch it and get it off the Sky+ while he was doing work so I did and the same with the second and third episodes of XIII.

Matt Lanter and Grey Damon <3

I just watched episode 4 of Sakura Trick and loved it! <3

I read the manga chapters where that happened only a few hours before lol.

Mitsuki liked Haruka too. I can’t blame her though tbh. Made me laugh when she scared them in the forest.

Kissing in the classroom was so cute <3

I watched the movie City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold today and it was pretty good. Maybe not quite as good as the first one but still good. Very funny again.

Makes me laugh every time when Billy Crystal says “hello?!” lol.

So they went after Curly’s gold after Mitch found a map in Curly’s hat after being haunted by Curly but it turned out to be his twin brother Duke, of course.

Apparently the map was just from the ranch but then it turned out Duke had the missing corner all along and after they gave up Duke visited Vegas with a gold brick to prove he’d found it, right at the end when everyone had given up.

Billy Crystal and Jack Palance were awesome again and Daniel Stern and Jon Lovitz were hilarious too! 

Well, now I’ve seen both! Yay!

I just watched the first 3 episodes of Sakura Trick which I started reading the manga of the other day after reading about the anime and wanted to check that out first lol.

I had read 6 chapters of the manga prior to watching and downloaded all episodes and the first 3 follow the manga very closely.

I have to say I absolutely adore this manga and anime! It’s so kawaii~ :3

I love it! I’ve never watched or read yuri before but have read yaoi, kinda glad I tried it because it’s so cute! 

I wanna try and watch all this within the week if I can! 

It’s really funny too and all the characters are so awesome! 

Haruka and Yuu are so damn cute together <3

I watched the season 3 finale of Wilfred last night and it was awesome!

I didn’t expect his dad to offer him a job to head up the pro bono side of the business and still one of the partners wanted him to do it even after his father died thanks to Wilfred making him fall down the stairs which was very unexpected.

The scenes where Ryan and Wilfred weren’t allowed to be together because Jenna said they couldn’t because Ryan and her couldn’t were sad and it was cute seeing Wilfred sneak in to his back garden in the middle of the night to see him. They were going to run away together but then Wilfred realised he was swho Jenna had seen and changed his mind.

Am I the only one that didn’t get that the statue Ryan found after finding that address in his dads filing cabinet was also of a man in a dog suit? Well „. I did think it was but the face just looked normal to me so then I was unsure and confused lol.

So did his dad know more about it than he let on?

I can’t wait to see the fourth and final season and find out where all the mythology of the show leads and who Mr Floppy Ears was too, was he Wilfred too or what? 

I watched the Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts season 2 finale just and it was really awesome!

They eventually through great tactics managed to make it through the haunted house thing.

Himeji’s scared face was hilarious! She got disqualified not for screaming but shouting instead because she told the brothers off for calling Yoshii and Yuuji stupid and said they were really nice. Then Yoshii and Yuuji tricked them in to getting out of their physics field and in to a maths one which was planned earlier so they’d lose because their points were already taken down a bit so Yoshii and Yuuji won and got them to apologise to Himeji.

I thought Minami was going to say how she felt about Yoshii but she didn’t, but Himeji basically did but who knows if Yoshii got that she meant him even though it’s obvious by the fact she said she’s in love with someone and kissed him on the cheek! Awww.

I love Yoshii and Himeji <3 although I was coming around to the idea of him with Minami.

But then Minami came and said how Yoshii said to her he’d always be by her side and Shouko came and tried to get Yuuji to marry her yet again and it ended in everyone chasing everyone around lol.

It was a better ending than I thought it’d be although it said see you again so maybe they will make a third season, someone said they might after the novels are finished and I didn’t realise it was based on novels lol. 

I adored this show, just wish that Hideyoshi had more screen time in this last one.

I’m gonna miss this show and all the great characters!

Yoshii, Yuuji and Hideyoshi <3

Damn, I’m such a perv when it comes to Vex in Lost Girl that when he said that I just had to gif it! LOL!

Don’t get a girl excited sexy Vex <3

Norman seeing Mr Sandman in Bates Motel is my favourite scene ever from it! I love it! <3

Freddie Highmore sing more in it! Pretty please! *________*

It’s so freaking adorable! <3

I watched season 2 episode 2 of Bates Motel last night and it was really awesome!

I loved when Norman sang Mr Sandman! That was the cutest thing ever! :3

Sing moar in it Norman, I love it! And we didn’t even get to see hi freaking audition! I was so looking forward to that all episode! Wtf man.

Norma, we saw hers though and it was very good, she’s also a very good singer. I recognised the song but don’t know where from lol.

Norman buying hair dye for Bradley that was the same colour as his, I did think maybe he should not by brown since that’s his hair colour. He should’ve got bright orange or something that’d make her look ridiculous but then again the dark brown was a bit too dark for her so she kinda did lol. I think it was that paired with the dark eye makeup tbh. Or bright red lol. He totally scared that shop assistant, she was like thinking “and I thought I was depressing” LOL since he was like “we’re all dying from the moment we’re born” or whatever.

I like how Norman did it for her, how sweet.So the girl with the boys name has presumably left for good because she’s on the run for killing her fathers killer who’s already been found dead and someone innocent has been arrested for it.

There was some cool drug lord like stuff going on to, I like all that aspect of the show too. It’s always interesting stuff like that lol. Zane seems like an interesting addition to that craziness, being very crazy himself lol.

Is it me or are Romero’s pants super tight? Like they’re trying to show off his fabulous ass all the time. I love it btw lol <3

Norma also found those pearls and that newspaper article whilst cleaning. And she checked out all those books, but Norman’s not crazy, he’s just crazy cute lol. Just kidding …

Then Normas brother Caleb arrived! That it seemed like her sons didn’t know and its that dude outta Burn Notice and Sons of Anarchy. I can’t wait to see what happens with him!

Freddie Highmore and Nestor Carbonell <3