I watched the first episode of season 3 of Perception last night and it was really awesome!

I totally can’t believe that dude set him up to look crazy to take his girl on tour with him! D:

That scoundrel! lol.

Eric McCormack <3

I watched season 1 episode 10 of The 100 “I Am Become Death” last night and it was really awesome!

Murphy came back! D: He spread a virus to people including Clarke and Bellamy who both survived as did Murphy and most of the others except a few. That seemed to be the quickest virus ever, people caught it fast and it was over pretty fast for most, it was really weird lol.

Plus they built a bomb to blow up the bridge so the Grounders couldn’t get across and attack them like they wanted which Raven stupidly took and could’ve blown herself up with but luckily she got saved by Finn and Jasper shot the bomb eventually after Monty gave him another gun because he wasted all his bullets shooting the ground lol. Those Grounders had some crazy masks on and looked pretty scary!

They almost had a war amongst themselves thank to the virus but it stopped luckily.

Octavia could’ve ran off with Lincoln to some other colony but decided not to because she belongs with her people! 

Raven told Finn that she thought he loved Clarke a lot more than her and broke up with him! D:

Plus Jasper and Monty fell out because Jasper suddenly became cool and Monty was like “but I thought you were cool before” awww „, their bromance was cute! lol.

Sick Bellamy made me sad ;_________________;

Plus Murphy killed the one who strung him up before by suffocating him! D: I was like “If Horatio Caine were there, he’d be all like ‘this is a murder, he died from suffocation which we know wasn’t a symptom of this virus’ lol” - that would’ve been an epic cameo if he just came on screen after LOL! Just imagine it lol.

Bellarke needs to happens! I love Bellamy and Clarke together so much <3

Bellamy Blake // Bob Morley <3

I just watched episodes 11 and 12 of Attack on Titan (haven’t watched in about a month! D:) and they were awesome!

Eren turned bad though and attacked Mikasa who loves him! OH NO!

Armin better snap him outta that weird trance thing he’s in and get him good again!

I can’t wait for next episode! <3

I don’t believe that this cutie kiled Angie and Melanie! He’s too cute and his smile makes me melt … I don’t want him to be the killer! ;________;

I want him to be in the show forever and if he is the killer someone will no doubt kill him and I can’t bear to not having Eddie Cahill’s cute Sam Verdreaux smile in this show now! 

He’s my favourite thing about Under the Dome this season because he’s even better and hotter in this than he was in CSI: New York! <3

Eddie Cahill <3

I watched the movie Winters Bone today which I actually recorded thinking it was a movie we’d bought a soundtrack too cheap which was actually Winters Passing but I remembered hearing this movie was good so watched anyway.

Besides Jennifer Lawrence being quite good in it I found this movie to be very boring. 

How anyone could award it with anything and say it’s a riveting thriller and one of the years best films as it says on that poster I simply do not know!

Ree is a girl looking for her drug cooking father so her house doesn’t get reposessed and she goes around to all her neighbours, most of whom are terrible to ask if they know where he is and they don’t.

Then suddenly a woman who beat her up after she talked to some guy she said not to took her to a lake on the edge of a forest to find his bones … only they still had flesh on them so his body would be more accurate to use a chainsaw to horrifyingly cut off his hands to prove he was dead so the bail bond people wouldn’t repossess! 

Do we ever really get a proper explanation as to what happened to the man? not really … there are a few things said but they aren’t explained further so we don’t know why he’s murdered and thus the whole point of the movie is just gone. I wanted to know what happened to him.

It wasn’t the worst movie ever but it was up there in my eyes, I found the plot very weak and played out very boring. I can’t really understand how the movie got made tbh. 

What was the point of the movie? I don’t know tbh. I’m glad I didn’t buy it, wish I had just deleted it and not bothered though.

It has some great actors in it too which I can’t understand, Garret Dillahunt was very underused I thought. Fellow Deadwood star John Hawkes was also in it and quite good. 

I would not waste my time again with this movie. I’ve seen plenty of great thrillers and this was not one of them, mainly because I would not even call it a thriller. It was just a drama more than anything.

I finally started season 3 of Bored to Death last night which it didn’t look like Sky Atlantic was going to bother showing even though it’s one of the best shows ever! I watched the second one today as well!

So hilarious! I missed this show! I can’t believe how long ago it was I finished season 2 … 2011!!! Which is when season 3 finished! D:

I can’t believe this is the last season! I love this show, it’s one of the funniest I’ve ever seen! How did it get cancelled!!!???

Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis are just so funny together in this! <3

I watched the first episode of The Last Ship last night and it was pretty damn awesome!

It has a pretty cool storyline, seems half of the planet are dead from a virus and the Russians are after it and causing some ruckus and one of them is on board their ship as Rhona Mitra’s partner in crime! D:

The explosions and plane fight scene things looked awesome!

I wonder if they’ll find the cure for the virus or not and what is gonna happen on that and with that ship! Are they gonna stay on it all series now!!! lol.

Eric Dane who was so hot in Grey’s Anatomy may be even hotter in this in that uniform than he was as a doctor! I didn’t think it possible! lol! I love him <3

Rhona Mitra is the only one who says Norfolk in it right lol! Since Eric Dane is like “Nor-folk” „, that may be how it’s spelled but it wouldn’t be how we pronounce it over here and we have a place called it too lol. Didn’t know they had a Norfolk in America but then again they have a lot of places with the same names as here in England lol. We would say “Nor-fuck” lol which doesn’t sound nice but you say it fast and you barely notice is sounds like swearing lol. She is awesome in it!

Adam Baldwin from Chuck is in it and living up to his name! What happened to his hair all of a sudden?! woah. I did not expect that all of a sudden xD

Travis Van Winkle was hot too <3

I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the season! <3

Eric Dane and Travis Van Winkle <3

I watched the movie Johnson County War part 2 today, watched part 1 yesterday, that part wasn’t very exciting. Part 2 had a bit more action but I really don’t feel it should have been so long, it should’ve only been about an hour and a half, half of it was unneeded. 

It was pretty average, I’ve seen much better TV movies. I only watched it for Luke Perry who was great but not in it enough and I didn’t even know Burt Reynolds was in it but that was an added bonus because he’s awesome but he also wasn’t in it enough.

It was pretty boring mostly really.

Stupid Tom Berenger was in it most and he was okay but not great.

Michelle Forbes from True Blood was in it too and so was Silas Weir Mitchell from Prison Break and Grimm lol. 

Lol apparently Jack Conley was in the 80’s movie Heaven’s Gate about the same thing, weirdo! 

I thought it was okay and I definitely wouldn’t bother watching it again, I kinda wish I hadn’t watched it the first time lol.

I sort of got the plot and sort of didn’t at the same time and there were too many characters.

Luke Perry <3

I watched the season 7 finale aka last ever episode of True Blood last night and it was pretty good, not the best finale ever. Usually the finales of this are the best episode all season, it wrapped everything up all up nice and neat in a bow though.

Although my Sky box cut off about 3 minutes from the end and since I didn’t watch it last week like I wanted it meant I couldn’t record another repeat so I had to watch from about half way through the new blood advert to the end online.

We got to see Sookie’s grandma again in a flashback scene with young Sookie and Tara where she gave her the same sort of advice Bill did. That was a nice scene and Sookie accidentally read Tara’s mind and found out she liked Jason lol. It would’ve been nicer if Tara had made it to the end.

I also don’t feel Sam would have left without saying goodbye to his friends properly like he did in the previous episode, that seemed out of character. I wish he had gotten to be in the last episode more than just in a flash forward at a Thanksgiving party with everyone.

Eric and Pam had the most interesting ending. They tortured Sarah, he took out the Yakuza, she found Sarah eating carnival trash and then in the end they marketed the new blood, took it to the stock market and claimed she got away from them but Sarah was in the basement of Fangtasia being fed off for quite a lot of money for only 60 seconds and she went crazy and saw Steve again! I said just before he popped up “is Steve coming back?” and low and behold there he was lol. I liked that bit lol.

Bill was back to his boring Sookie loving self from seasons gone by and she could read his thoughts before he was seemingly more human. He told Jessica of how he couldn’t see his real daughter marry so she decided to marry Hoyt that day or the next day whichever and so Bill got to walk her down the aisle then Sookie read his thoughts. He tried to get Sookie to kill him with her fairy light so she could finally become a regular human but after talking to the preacher man she realised God wanted her to be that way and decided to stake him with part of a broken end of a spade resulting in him exploding blood all over her which wasn’t very pretty or a nice way to go. I liked that there was the picture of him and his daughter in the coffin though, that was sweet that he got to see that one last time!

It was sad that Bill was dead though, he was usually a pretty genuine guy who wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings although he and Sookie had probably actually been apart more than together.

It was sweet to see Jessica and Hoyt get married although it was sudden since he hadn’t really recovered his memories of her and only knew her for a day and slept with her once and not to mention the fact he was with another girl the previous day or not long before who ended up with Jason so they effectively swapped women … odd …

It would’ve been nice to have seen a bit of Lafayette in the ending, handing out his good advice or something.

The flash forward at the end showed most people, well all the humans together and I think one ex vampire at Thanksgiving at Sookie’s house and Jason and Brigette with a million kids! Sookie walking around pregnant and I was like “who’s the baby daddy? when they gonna show him?” and we only got a tiny glimpse of him, mostly from the back so we’ll never know what the normal guy she gets with looks like or his name. Couldn’t they at least show him and tell us his name after all this? It kinda sucks.

It wasn’t the best finale ever but wasn’t the worst, it was mostly a fairy tale ending … ironic since Sookie is one lol.

Sam Trammell; Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard <3

I watched the first episode of Trigun with Wolfwood in today and he’s so awesome! <3

I’d totally ship him and Vash <3

They’re so funny together and cute and hot <3 lol.