I watched both D2: The Mighty Ducks and D3: The Mighty Ducks today, both were really really good. So glad I watched them. They were amazing. Although I was kinda sad that Emilio wasn’t in that much of the third movie, but it was better than I thought it would be without him. I’m glad I watched them. I thought it was funny when Kenan from Kenan & Kel was in it! I was like “OMG IT’S KENAN!” when I first saw him lol. He looked so young lol. Joshua Jackson was so much like Pacey in Dawon’s Creek in the third one, I can see why they cast him as that character now lol. He was a bit Pacey like in the first two but from the start of the third one when Emilio said about not coaching them and his reaction, I was like “OMG HE’S TURNED IN TO PACEY” lol, maybe Pacey was based on D3 Charlie lol, I dunno. But he was smaller in the first movie than Emilio then by the second he was about the same height then in third one he was taller! funny lol.

Oh and Michael Cudlitz was in the third one which I found ironic since they’d mentioned Beverly Hills 90210 and Aaron Spelling in the second one, and The Love Boat lol. Since he was in Beverly Hills 90210 and then in the third one they mentioned Melrose Place, so obviously I’m guessing the writer was a big Aaron Spelling fan lol.

I wish I’d watched these movies when I was a kid! I love them now.