I watched the last episode of Angels in America last night, this show was so amazing! I would love to see the play at the theatre. I think it was one of the greatest TV shows that I’ve ever seen and that’s a lot.

The story was great, the writing was fantastic along with the execution and I simply adored all of the characters. Especially Justin Kirk as Prior! <3 And Ben Shenkman as Louis! I loved them together <3

Obviously Al Pacino was great in it, and so was Meryl Steep who I’ve weirdly now seen in two things this week, this and The River Wild. That must be a first lol. Emma Thompson as the Angel as well. 

All the actors were great, Patrick Wilson as Joe and Jeffrey Wright who always made me smile as Belize. Mary-Louise Parker was pretty funny as Harper too.

I am so glad that Sky Atlantic showed this so I got to see it and it looked amazing in HD, I’m kinda sad though that I’ve seen it all now :( 

But if you haven’t seen it I suggest you do because you will love it. I did. So did my parents. 

It had sweet moments and sad moments, it had funny moments and interesting moments. It really had it all, what more could you want from a show. 

I loved how they made Heaven look, it wasn’t how people would conventionally perceive it and I liked how before he got there the picture changed to black and white when he walked the ladder up there except Prior’s red robe! <3

I’m gonna miss this, might have to buy it on dvd to watch it again!