I watched the last ever episode of ER today on Sky Atlantic, it was pretty good and had a lot of things that happened in the first episodes from what I can remember of it and was done the same way. Even had a nurse who hadn’t been in it for years, that Lydia. I was like “wtf, she hasn’t been in it for years” well it actually wasn’t years when I was watching, I watched it all in just over a year on there. It would have been on until about may or so if they’d just left it on one episode a day instead of two because tomorrow they are only showing it from the start again anyway but back to one a day. Pfft.

I didn’t like how that girl from Gilmore Girls was in it, I don’t like that show it always looks so boring and she just appeared out of nowhere yet they acted like she’d been there for ages. Where were half the med students they put in this season? Where was Daria Wade (who it would have been nice to see since she was actually in the pilot as another character) and her brother Andrew? they were barely in it. I liked them, they should have been in it more. Dubenko wasn’t in it either, I thought he would be. Considering Pratt’s brother Chaz was supposed to become a medical student we only saw him twice as one.

Where was George Clooney and Julianna Margulies? I thought they were supposed to be in it but obviously not … I thought they would have wanted to see the Carter centre open. I mean Benton was in the same episode they were in the other day and came in the last one so they should have to.

It would’ve been nice to see Abby and Luka come and see the opening of the Carter centre as well. Especially since I don’t even think Luka really got a proper send off.

I mean even Kem was in it and I don’t think anyone particularly liked her all that much. 

It was nice to see Susan, Kerry and Elizabeth back in it as well. 

Over all it was a good episode but not as good as I had expected, I had expected more from the characters. It was more about the patients instead, one who was really good was played by Ernest Borgnine. But I feel relationships were left undefined in the end between Neela and Ray then with Tony and Sam. Tony and Sam who held hands … so they may or may not have gotten back together. 

Another was it was Sam’s birthday, I was like “wasn’t it her birthday last week?” because it was and I could have sworn it was this season … I don’t even really remember them celebrating that many peoples birthdays in it.

It was kinda nice to see Rachel come and follow in Mark’s footsteps although a little unexpected after how we last saw her and it was sweet when we got to see Reese with Benton again, and Alex had done up that car with Tony for Sam’s birthday. Which was an awesome Mustang <3 Although I think I still preferred original Rachel and original Alex.

I kinda hoped for more though but it was pretty good, I guess. I thought I’d cry though because I thought it’d be really emotional but it wasn’t really :/

I think I would have liked it more if this scenario had happened (ala Beverly Hills 90210): Tony and Sam decided to get hitched after getting back together and head off to Las Vegas with friends in tow, and Carter gambles away the last of his money so for the first time ever he can say “I’M BROKE!” and then they open the Carter centre at the end but he doesn’t know how he’s even gonna make it through the first year financially. Or they could’ve shown Archie marry Claudia since he practically proposed to her in the episode before. 

I would’ve liked a good ol’ wedding scenario to top it of like Donna and David in Beverly Hills 90210. Even if Tony and Sam hadn’t gone out all that long.

But anyway it was a great show and I’m glad I watched it and I could watch it again from the start tomorrow but I have to catch up with other things so I don’t see the point. Even though like I said in another post I missed the starts and odd bits of a few episodes near the start mainly because I didn’t have Sky+ so couldn’t pause it whilst going out and messing around during lunch or I was on the internet so missed the start on Fridays a few times but I caught up with them anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

I loved the first few seasons but I think I preferred the Dr Luka years because Goran Visnjic <3 

Not that George Clooney isn’t hot as well <3

I could always catch Brenner in Sea Patrol because that’s on from the start on Universal starting Friday lol. He wasn’t in the last one much. Neither was Archie really and he was so funny! 

I’m still kinda sad that it ended though :(