I just watched Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead and it was a really great movie! Andy Garcia was amazing in it and so sexy, he has an amazing smile <3

I really loved the story, they mess up what they were supposed to do and so then they get picked off one by one by Mr Shhh played by the great Steve Buscemi who dies near the end because he gets shot by Critical Bill and then he shoots him. Christopher Walken was also great as The Man with the Plan who ordered the hits. 

Treat Williams from Everwood was really good at playing crazy, he reminded me of someone else in something but I can’t think of who lol. Maybe a little like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or something. 

Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future was in it too, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in all that many movies besides that and I haven’t watched them in years.

Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice played Jimmy’s love interest with the strange name of Dagney which I’ve never heard before, some website I just looked on claimed that only 13 people have been called it since 1880 in America lol. I do kinda like that name though, sounds different. She was really good in it though, she definitely looks a lot better in things when she was younger than now, she needs to put a bit more weight on now so she doesn’t look too skinny. Although considering she was supposed to be a ski instructor she didn’t even look old enough to be in a bar when they showed her in one because she looked about 16 and so her going out with Jimmy was sorta odd but they were cute together.

I would suggest people watch it because it’s so well done! loved it! Andy Garcia <3