So, I watched Jaws 3 today having never seen the first two just because Grace said on Will & Grace “Jaws 3, Dennis Quaid without his shirt on - worth the rental” and I thought I had to see it. Only to be disappointed by the fact he was shirtless for a second, well not even properly, he wore a hoodie open at one point but you could never see his rockin’ bod properly! Lame!

Anyways … the movie was pretty cool. I know it probably wasn’t as good as the first one and I shall get around to watching it eventually. I still enjoyed this one though, it was a fun movie and you could tell which parts would’ve looked good in 3D and now I kinda wish I had gotten to see it in 3D - there were still like remnants of the 3Dness where you could still see some scenes hadn’t been cleaned up of the blue properly. 

Dennis Quaid looked so young in it! and hot obviously! lol <3

I knew I recognised his girlfriend played by Bess Armstrong, she was the one out of My So-Called Life! It kept bugging me so much, well and One Tree Hill a bit.

I liked how the blew up the shark at the end! Lol.

Dennis Quaid <3